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It was a great pleasure to meet this family again. Two years ago I photographed Hanna’s 1st Birthday party. Now it’s her little sister Maddison’s turn.

She turned 1 and she had Christening Ceremony on the same day!

Party was decorated by her mum in Boho Style. Well done, as always.

Christening Photography in Sydney, 1st Birthday Party celebration photographer

Christening Photography in Sydney, 1st Birthday Party celebration photographer

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Blue and yellow – such a bright colours! I think the best gift for 1-year child is a balloon. Kids just love it! And balloons are perfect decor for a party.

Vincent’s Birthday party was being held at the family home. I arrived early to get a few family portraits before the guests started arriving.

His mum made a time capsule box which will be opened in 2033, on Vincent’s 18th birthday. Everyone took an instant photo and wrote something nice. Also he got a lot of gifts and he really liked them!

Then the birthday boy enjoyed blowing out the candles and smashing his special birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Vincent! It was a pleasure to photograph your party.


Boy’s 1st Birthday Party Photography in Sydney

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Look at this simple but very elegant Birthday Party which I photographed recently. Polina turned 18, she is a smart and pretty young girl with lovely friends and a big family. She picked White as a Theme colour for the celebration and a front yard of her home as a venue. Huge trees and autumn sunlight, kids laugh and beautiful Polina’s girlfriends made this party awesome!

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A few weeks ago I photographed a themed kids party for Aryan’s 6th birthday. It has to had been the funniest boy’s party photo session I’ve ever had. Aryan’s mom put a lot of effort into organizing everything: the decor of the place was in the theme of a night city full of villains (superheroes appear where they are needed the most! ). All the details were in line with the theme – the desert table, the party bags and even the cookies almost screamed “SMASH!!! BAM!!!”.

Kids Birthday Party Photography in Sydney by children photographer Natasha Lesonie

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Incy Wincy, Humpty Dumpty, Dish and Spoon and others. The most loved songs by little kids! Everyone knows, everyone loves. Such a nice idea to invite friends to a Nursery Rhythm Birthday Party!

Nathaniel turned 2 years. He had a wonderful day! His favourite songs, books and characters – all are there! He smiled, and danced and was happy to see his little friends. The most beautiful part of the party was styled sweet table, but the most impressive part was a petting zoo! All kids had the opportunity to bottle-feed and cuddle farm animals including lambs, the piglet, rabbits and chickens.


Desert table by The Sweet Life – Personalised Creations by Natasha, Elizabeth & Anita

Sweets provided by Iced Creations​

Printable design by Pretty and Print

Catering by  Incredible Edibles Catering

Here are some of my favourite photographs.

Children 2nd birthday party photography in Sydney. Kids photographer Natasha Lesonie

Kids 2nd birthday party photography in Sydney.

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Happy Halloween everyone!
What an amazing photo shoot we had! We organised an awesome event for our kids. It was full of small miracles and fun. Many thanks to all our little heroes – you were awesome! I’m grateful for your patience and support. Dear parents, thanks for your help as well, I couldn’t be able to do that without your participation.
Although I really enjoyed shooting, I found that showing the final result is a way bigger pleasure.  Therefore, there is no doubt, that these Halloween pictures will become a remarkable add-on to my website collection.
Now, let’s have a look at the photos together. Boo!

Three little witches  and a kitty celebrated Halloween! In a beautiful but scared forest there giant spiders live. They had a lot of candies and cupcakes on their party because even witches love sweets if they are kids.

Themed children photography session. Halloween Party for kids.

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