Family father and baby girl photo shoot, Sydney
Thanks for sending through the photos Natasha! They are just so beautiful!!! Clement looked so amazed when he saw them for the first time! I couldn’t stop repeatedly looking at them too!!  Thank you very much!!
~ Gekko ~

NSK_0690I had a personal photo session with Natasha a few months ago and wanted to share my experience. I love Natasha’s style, as her photographs are so vivid and beautiful and have so much life. I had very high expectations, and my pictures turned out even more beautiful than I expected. Natasha has a great eye for details and very creative style. She helped me to put my own ideas into poses and came up with a lot of suggestions on her own. Natasha is a great photographer and a very nice sweet person, a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Natasha, very much, for your exceptional work! Following your new life in Australia now. :)))
~ Nadya ~

Little girl photo shoot

Thank u for the lovely pictures, we are so happy to capture these pictures at Sydney. Chloe will have fond memories of the trip!

~ Lynn~